EHS statement

FAMAR is committed to Health, Safety and Environment (EHS) Excellence

Throughout the organization, we apply EHS standards that define a framework of actions with respect to our Employees, our Customers, our Suppliers and Community needs. These standards are designed to ensure that in all our activities we properly safeguard those who work for us and those who may be affected by our operations. To improve on all aspects of Health, Safety and Environment, we will :
  • Periodically review the effectiveness of our EHS management system and business performance : developing a mindset oriented toward safety & environment is every manager’s duty.
  • Enhance everyone’s safety by integrating safety into day-to-day operations including contractors by developing a “safety first” culture to create an injury and illness free workplace.
  • Protect the health and well being of employees, by reducing occupational risks from adverse exposure to hazards.
  • Economize on natural resources, to minimize the residual impact of air release emissions, wastewater effluents and waste in all its industrial and distribution activities in order to preserve the natural environment.
  • Apply continuous and systematic efforts, in order to minimize and/or eliminate adverse health, safety and environmental effects resulting from its processes and activities, including accidental pollution or injuries.
  • Operate in respect to the applicable laws and regulation requirements, by applying recommendations and best industrial practices.
  • Build a sustainable business relationship with employees, customers and communities.

We rely on all employees to demonstrate an attitude, mindset and sense of responsibility aligned with this Policy, so that each can become a Famar EHS believer and champion.


Safety Pillar is part of our integrated Famar Production System and it’s structured with 9 Sub Pillars.


Famar commits to conduct an audit scheme to guarantee the 100% regulatory compliance and to track the progress in the implementation of our internal EHS management system.


Famar commits to drive its action toward a reduction of the Lost Time * Accident / 1000 Employees (included permanent & temporary employees), with the aim to reach the High Class Level with the spirit of 0 Accident.


* Lost time of over 1 day

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