Our 5 Pillars of Growth

1. Growth through strategic partnerships

Our success and growth is directly dependent on our ability to rapidly respond to our customers’ evolving needs. Thus, the first and foremost investment for Famar’s future is in the quality and breadth of services that enable us to build longstanding relationships with our customers.

2. Operational Excellence

Our success in achieving long-term partnerships ultimately comes down to our ability to deliver product of the highest quality in a sustainable way and at the most competitive cost. In short, at Famar we believe that aiming for operational excellence on a daily basis is the first and foremost step in achieving long term growth.

We are strongly committed to continuous improvement throughout our operating cycle; continuously optimizing our manufacturing flow, our quality procedures and our cooperation with suppliers in order to maximize the value of our services for our customers.

3. Quality

Quality management is the cornerstone of Famar’s business. We understand that outsourcing is equally about better quality of service as it is about increased efficiency and cost optimization. Hence, quality excellence is the first and foremost aspect upon which FAMAR is judged by our current and prospective clients. Hence, our commitment is to offer the most advanced Quality System through a continuous, in-depth and forward-looking monitoring of the pharmaceutical regulatory environment. At FAMAR, our objective is to go beyond compliance and strive for:

  • Maintaining the highest quality standards
  • Anticipation and proactive management of regulatory evolution
  • Continuous improvement throughout our Quality System (production, control, administration, etc.)

4. Investing in Innovation

We will follow our customers wherever they need to go in terms of manufacturing, packaging and drug delivery technology. By investing upstream into the manufacturing value chain we are broadening our value proposition in order to cover our partners’ growing needs.

5. Environment, Health and Safety

FAMAR is committed to managing our operations in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. First and foremost, we will protect our patients, our employees and the communities in which we operate. We will never compromise occupational nor environmental safety for the sake of any performance target. We thus take every measure to assure the health and safety of our employees, in compliance with all applicable local, national and European legislation as well as continuously work to minimize our environmental footprint.

More specifically, for FAMAR to achieve EHS excellence, we will:
  • Maintain safe and environmentally sound operations
  • Integrate EHS considerations into all activities
  • Contribute to the common effort to protect the natural and workplace environment
  • Foster openness and dialogue with colleagues, administrations and the public, and
  • Continuously improve our EHS performance

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