Quality Statement

Quality management is the cornerstone of Famar’s business. We understand that outsourcing is equally about better quality of service as it is about increased efficiency and cost optimization. Hence, quality excellence is the first and foremost aspect upon which FAMAR is judged by our current and prospective clients. Hence, our commitment is to offer the most advanced Quality System through a continuous, in-depth and forward-looking monitoring of the pharmaceutical regulatory environment. At FAMAR, our objective is to go beyond compliance and strive for:

  • Maintaining the highest quality standards
  • Anticipation and proactive management of regulatory evolution  
  • Continuous improvement throughout our Quality System (production, control, administration, etc.)

Quality management system/Organization

Committed to offering uncompromising product quality, Famar has a strong network of quality assurance teams across all sites. A team of highly-skilled, qualified professionals, coupled with continuous training and development in Good Manufacturing Practices assure the highest quality standards for our customers.

Furthermore, FAMAR draws on its Corporate quality teams in order to further its process optimization. In this effort, the Corporate Quality function coordinates as follows:

i. Supporting network collaborations in the areas of internal auditing, Suppliers evaluation, Training, Policies

ii. Supporting the expansion of the company and integrating new business and acquisitions

iii. Promoting continuous improvement initiatives

iv. Harmonizing practices across all sites

v. Establishing a uniform approach towards our customers on quality and regulatory matters 

vi.Providing Training on GMP guidelines & the applied Quality System to all Management Levels

vii. Participating & providing guidance for the application of significant changes and the implementation of major project

Quality mission in summary

  • A culture where quality comes first
    At FAMAR, we foster a culture where quality objectives are given first priority throughout our organization. Our management is committed to establishing a mind-set where quality comes first across all the spectrum of our operations.

  • Sound understanding of processes
    We strongly believe that understanding the science and engineering behind the process of manufacturing is key to improving the actual quality of our processes. In cooperation with our customers, we focus on determining the critical quality factors that impact each and every step of the production process.

  • Process improvement and standardization
    By building quality into and across manufacturing processes, we achieve a uniform and sustainable quality performance. Our main focus is the elimination of the sources of process variability.

  • Leaner quality operations
    As part of our Continuous Improvement initiatives, we are constantly measuring our quality performance. Moreover, our deep knowledge of the manufacturing process combined with a robust quality risk management approach gives us the benefit of being able to constantly reevaluate our quality system; eliminating non value activities, simplifying quality and compliance management processes and as a result achieving leaner manufacturing and quality operations.

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