Sterile and Freeze-Dried forms


i. Aseptically filled/Terminally Sterilized

Aseptically filled and/or terminally sterilized forms in ampoules, (1-10ml), glass vials (2-20ml) or plastic vials are currently produced in our network.

  • Water-based Solutions and Suspensions
  • Oil-based Solutions
  • Ear Drops
  • Ophthalmic Solutions
  • Nasal Sprays & Drops

ii. Lyophilization (Small Volume Parenteral)

We have developed Saint Rémy sur Avre (Fr) into our Center of Excellence for Lyophilised manufacturing (freeze-dried and aseptically filled injectable products in Vial (2ml- 50ml)).

Saint Rémy sur Avre offers a specialized know-how in Lyophilisation’s cycle time optimisation; process scale-up and lyo manufacturing acquired over more that 25 years.

Famar Saint Rémy sur Avre has greatly reinforced its position as a European leader in Freeze drying and aseptic filling contract manufacturing services by building a total freeze drying capacity of 203sqm with 6 industrial lyophilisers from 20 to 37sqm and 2 pilot lyophilisers, used for lyo cycle time development and optimization.

Famar Alcorcon, Madrid site, is also providing lyophilisation services. Its sterile injectable area is equipped with 1 filling line and 3 mid-size lyophilisation units (9 sqm, 11 sqm and 15sqm), and can perform aseptic filling and lyophilisation in vials from 2ml to 20ml.

aseptics and lyo

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