Technical R&D


FAMAR Technical R&D offers the full range of services


    • from the development of finished dosage forms to the manufacture of clinical trial supplies (all scales, including production scale),
    • the process optimization of established manufacturing processes,
    • to the compilation of dossiers



    • Pharmaceuticals (Rx & OTC)
    • Dermocosmetics and Cosmetics (Healthcare & Hygienic)


Across all dosage forms

    • Solid (tablets, IR & SR, effervescent, hard gelatin caps, powders, granules for reconstitution, pellets)
    • Semi-solid (creams, ointments, gels, suppositories)
    • Liquid (syrups, suspensions, drops, lotions, sprays)
    • Sterile forms (small volume injectables / parenterals, lyos, ophthalmic solutions / suspensions)





Famar Technical R&D Organization 

  • 4 sites in three countries – France, Greece and Spain

  • All Technical R&D sites are located within a manufacturing site to benefit from  synergies and ensure quality, cost and time to market from a development and manufacturing point of view

  • State of the Art equipments for formulation/analytical development

  • Approx. 60 FTE with strong experience in full development projects as well as in process improvement and product robustness

  • Dedicated teams for formulation development and analytical development

  • Integrated development network

  • Corporate headquarter located in Madrid, Spain

  • Part of Famar Group, leveraging resources and manufacturing capabilities

  • Developing for future internal or external manufacturing

  • Structured development process

  • Integrated development network allow us to cover most of development needs


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