FAMAR launching Manufacturing Science & Technology organization

FAMAR launching Manufacturing Science & Technology organization

Within the frame of our continuing effort to strengthen Quality and Knowledge management, we are pleased to announce that the Manufacturing Science & Technology (MS & T) organization has been formed.

The initiative for the establishment of the MS & T organization as a distinct department is in compliance with our strategic Customers expectations and in alignment with their own respective organizations in this area.

The MS & T will be part of Global Quality organization.

The mission of MS & T will be to provide Quality support in:

1. New Product Introduction & process transfers in close partnership with Operations, Product Transfer , Business Development (BD) and R & D teams.

2. Existing products and processes, in close collaboration with Operations and BD

3. The BU´s, in maintaining compliance in existing, mature products.

4. Assisting BU´s in customer interface in troubleshooting and resolving technical and quality issues, associated with Product Manufacturing and Analytical processes.

5. Proactively assisting in the improvement of legacy products, by improving robustness, prevent future problems, manage knowledge of core skills within FAMAR.

6. New Technologies and future opportunities/ services both in Manufacturing and in Analysis.

7. Sterile Manufacturing Continuous Improvement program

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