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Famar is committed to Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Excellence and has deployed its EHS strategy and EHS System throughout the organization. These define a framework of actions with respect to all stakeholders (including Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Community). The EHS System is designed to ensure that Famar will properly safeguard those who work for the company and those who may be affected by its activities

To continually improve all aspects of Environment, Health, Safety, and Security, Famar commits to:

  • Promote a positive Health and Safety Culture and continual improvement in which every employee, contractor, and visitor feels free to speak up about non-conformities, undesirable or unsafe situations or/and any other Health and safety matters
  • Unobstructed consultation and participation of employees
  • Provide all employees, contractors, and visitors with relevant information, operational controls, and training on occupational, health, and safety requirements enabling them to perform their activities safely
  • Enhance everyone’s safety by integrating safety into day-to-day operations, including contractors, and by developing a “safety first” culture to create an injury and illness free workplace with a focus on safe behavior
  • Protect the health and well-being of employees by reducing occupational risks from adverse exposure to hazards
  • Eliminate potential hazards and reduce OH&S risks in Famar’s workplace
  • Save natural resources, to minimize environmental impact in the industrial and distribution activities in order to preserve the natural environment and maintain a sustainable development
  • Protect Famar facilities and employees with the required security level
  • Apply continuous and systematic efforts, in order to eliminate adverse health, safety and environmental effects resulting from our processes and activities, including accidental pollution or injuries
  • Operate in accordance with all applicable laws and regulation requirements, while implementing additional recommendations and best industrial practices
  • Set annual EHS objectives ensuring necessary resources for achieving them
  • Report and respond to all incidents and near miss of any kind and identify appropriate preventive and protective control measures in order to avoid repetition asking what else and where else these control measures could be applicable

Customer Focus

Famar wants to support its customers to their ambitious environmental and sustainability targets

Environmental Target

30% CO2 / GHGs Emissions Reduction Target 2020-2030

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