Famar undertakes the Covid-19 vaccine distribution to reach the most remote vaccination centers in Greece

Famar is actively participating in the global mobilization to confront and stop the Covid-19 pandemic by undertaking the vital task of distributing vaccines throughout Greece, providing its services free of charge for the Greek government.

With 70 years of experience in the development and production of pharmaceuticals for some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and having the largest market share and unique know-how in the distribution of exclusively pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for Greece, Famar undertakes the role of the Greek government partner regarding the distribution of vaccines.

The distribution of the vaccines to the most remote locations is indeed a technical challenge due to the very demanding storage and transport conditions but also due to the critical importance of the cargo to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Famar is able to perform such a mission with strict compliance with the Good Distribution Practices due to the quality and size of our fleet, the highly trained work force accustomed to handle high value lifesaving pharmaceuticals, and the impeccable track record provided by its Quality System, a safe assurance to our Clients, Authorities and to the population in general who is counting on these medicines to progressively return back to a normal life.

Famar's fleet will serve vaccination centers in Northern Greece and Thrace. Departing from the Center of Thessaloniki, covering the prefectures of Halkidiki, Serres, Drama, Kavala, Xanthi, Rodopi and Evros, reaching the most remote vaccination centers of the mainland.

Famar is already investing and expanding its distribution center in Thebes, creating one of the most modern and specialized centers for storage of pharmaceutical products in Thebes, of ~30.000 m² and storage capacity of ~45.000 palettes, and with 65 special vehicles for the distribution of sensitive pharmaceutical substances, with all the required and certified quality equipment and specialized personnel.

Famar, for more than a decade, has been providing, for its customers - more than 40 pharmaceutical companies, corresponding conditions for storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals intended for long-term or often immediate and urgent provision to patients suffering from often life-threatening diseases.

According to Aggeliki Motsakou, Corporate Affairs Manager of Famar : “In these critical times we are proud to report “Present!” and respond to the call of the Greek health authorities for the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines in Greece. The Ministry of Health gladly accepted our donation, recognizing our credibility and know-how in the distribution of medicinal products, as well as our determination to actively contribute to this significant national effort. We recognize the importance of the situation and our great responsibility and are standing by the Greek government and the Greek health authorities, to play a major part in the Covid-19 vaccine distribution network. And in doing so, Famar confirms its role as one of the links in the global chain that has been in place, a year now, to fight the global threat of Covid-19.”

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About Famar

Famar is a leading European services provider for the development and production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products (CDMO). With 6 manufacturing sites, 2 R&D centers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, in Greece, Italy and Spain, and the largest distribution network exclusively for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Greece - covering 60% of the total market, Famar produces annually 1700 unique product codes for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Famar strategically emphasizes continuous investment in quality, technical expertise and equipment, continuous enrichment of its services portfolio ensuring a steady growth of drug development and production services for more than 120 customers to more than 80 markets worldwide. For further information, please visit www.famar-group.com

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