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The distribution centre, located in Thiva was built in 2005 and covers a total surface of 26.000 with a storage capacity of 34.000 pallets. There is a capability of expansion of the current building up to 52.000 m2. In Q1 2022 the building surface will expand to 35.100 m2 and capacity will reach 41.000 pallets. The building meets all specifications set by the EU for the safe and appropriate storage of pharmaceutical products. Specifically, it has a fire detection system and an automatic extinguishing system, which is activated in small surface zones. Furthermore, it offers storage in the main warehouse, monitored by an automated temperature recording system, as well as specific storage areas for temperature sensitive products (cold rooms 2o-8o C°) and products with high security/ safety requirements (e.g. narcotics, etc.). Additionally, Access Control systems, a continuous security presence (24 hours per day – 365 days per year) combined with a thorough CCTV surveillance system provides the most efficient storage conditions in terms of quality and safety.


During 2019, we had 17 days dedicated for 15 Quality audits.

In addition, despite the difficulties faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, during 2020, we had 12 days dedicated for 8 Quality audits.



Workforce: 346 employees

Certifications: GMP/GDP (Greek HAs – EOF), ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000, Ministerial Decision ΔΥ8δ/ΓΠ οικ/1348, Wholesaler Distribution Authorization, TAPA SFR & TSR certification.


6th km Old National Road Thiva-Chalkida,32200,
Thiva, Greece
Tel: +30 210 9898850

  • Receiving
  • Storage
  • Labeling and Repacking
  • Order taking
  • Order preparation
  • Transportation services & coverage
  • Cold chain management
  • High value services
  • Returns & Recalls
  • Inventory control
  • Customer Service Levels (KPI’s)
  • System of Crisis Management / Business Continuity


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